Over the years I have begun to see a marked discrepancy between how adult babies live and behave and how they call themselves. Adult BABIES and yet much of the play and dressing is more related to toddlers than babies or infants.

But I am beginning to see and understand this more thru the eyes of my own baby girl. Most regressive babies act out their baby needs on their own and infancy requires a parent or carer for it to work or be genuine.  And so. A compromise happens when the regressive baby acts more like the semi – independent toddler who can dress themself, feed themself and change their own nappy. It is a compromise between what is really wanted and needed and what is actually possible.

When a regressive has a parent willing and able to give them full dependent parenting we start to see the age of behaviours drop until they fit easily into the genuine infant and not toddler range.

It may not be true for all but perhaps for many, the ultimate destination of regression is very young infancy and only the restrictions of real life stands in the way. It may also explain some of the frustration s of some who feel their ‘baby time’ is not completely meeting their needs.

Just a thought. ..