Well… the stranger (ie me!) returns!!!  Not that I have been sitting around doing nothing and especially neither has Michael.

We have just launched our new website – http://www.abdiscovery.com.au – which is going to deliver quality learning material about Adult Babies and regression. As many of you will know from our book  – which is now three years old this month (boy does time fly!) – we are very passionate about helping Adult Babies in their quest for not just enjoyment and happiness, but the more important experience of balance, peace and relationship.

To this end Michael and I have launched the first of our downloadable series – The Three-sided Nature of Diaper Attraction – which describes how diaper fetish, age play and regression interact and lays the foundation for our future sessions. Over the next  little while we will be addressing regression in great detail, helping ABs find some understanding as well as balance and security.

We will be putting together a video and booklet for the spouses and partners of Adult Babies and finally help them to answer the question “What the %&^$ is this diaper thing?” when confronted by it.

Take a look and let us know what you think!

Rosalie and Michael Bent

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