For a few, being ‘outed’ as an Adult Baby is not big deal and some even flaunt it. However, that is a very small minority and for most, having other people know of their ‘Little’ is a fear and something to be avoided at all costs. The only real exception to that is the spouse or partner who probably should know and be understanding, even if not involved.

But a few days ago one of our more regular contacts emailed to say that his wife had shared his ‘baby side’ with another person. He was naturally, deeply hurt. It has happened before to others and sometimes it was well-intentioned and for others, a deliberate act designed to hurt. I do not know the reasoning behind this particular incident, but it is not a rare event. Every other week, the spouse or partner, a family member or friend who has come to know of that very special – and secret – side of someone’s life, tells someone else who has no business knowing about it.

Being an Adult Baby is not just a secret. It is not simply a fetish or a kink. It is part of life and for some, a very demanding and overwhelming one. To tell another without permission is more than being indiscreet. It is more than over-sharing or gossiping. It is breaking a sacred trust.

Adult Babies desperately need to share their inner nature, needs and emotions with someone they love and trust. That trust must be respected and honoured.

And so for everyone who reads this and knows an adult baby personally, remember that what you have is more precious than an intimate secret. It is a Sacred Trust

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