It was tragic news to read this week of the suicide of 16 year old American transgender teen, Taylor Alesana. Taylor had made a name for herself on YouTube where she posted makeup tutorials and spoke of intense cyberbullying and the loneliness she experienced because of her gender identity

This story and others like it are sadly, not rare, but occur with disturbing frequency as the ‘outsider’ struggles to find connection to the ‘inside’ when hampered by a personal attribute that separates them from others all too easily. Nor is it just emotional teenagers, but also older people who fight the loneliness and the ‘square peg in a round hole’ syndrome all their lives before finally giving up.  It is not always suicide, but also sometimes withdrawal from life and existing in the devastating emotional desert that ‘plays it safe’, but is in fact a slow ride to nowhere.

For some adult babies, stuck with highly regressive needs and drives, the situation is disturbingly similar. A recent TV show – “15 stone babies” – heard one AB talk of his consideration of suicide and how others he knew had actually taken their own lives. We have also spoken with people in similar situations including giving up on their marriages and families all because the drive to become a baby was so strong and so unmet, that they could take it no longer.

Some of us are stronger than others.  Some can survive the pain. Some are fortunate enough to have support of a partner or family which makes it all so much easier to handle. But many do not.

Today, we stand with the families and friends of those who have succumbed to the awful horror of being ‘different’ in a society that does not really tolerate difference. Today, we pledge to be just that little more tolerant and accepting of those who through no fault of themselves, find themselves stuck outside the communal definition of ‘normal’.

Be they gay, transgender, lesbian or adult baby, we will strive to make it just that little bit easier and to even perhaps save the lives of another Taylor Alesana.


TG teen